Lilly Anderson is a senior Dietetics and Public Health major. She grew up in the deserts outside Las Vegas, and her conversion to an avid lover of the PNW was unexpected, but a great gift, none the less. She loves to cook, ride bikes and spend time outdoors. If not doing homework, Lilly can usually be found at the edge of the estuary, where the air is perfect and the birds are loud.

Miranda Grace Crowell

Miranda Grace Crowell’s least favorite word in the English language is “decaf.” When she is not shot-gunning espresso shots or pointing cameras at things, she wears many hats. Both literally, as Miranda is an avid knitter, and figuratively as she balances an ever-growing list of interests, like cheering for the Portland Thorns and odd jobs like amateur music blogging. Her gateway into food writing was blogging about her experiences living on her own in the Philippines for two months when she nineteen where she rode motorcycles, drank from a coconut, and discovered her love for street barbecue.

friskmadeline_6050633_66724874_me osuMadeline Frisk is a senior majoring in Merchandising Management and minoring in Writing. She is a proud retired navy brat who loves taking day trips to go thrifting and check out local diners. She is the president of her local sorority Chi Theta Phi, the VP of Her Campus at Oregon State, and she writes regularly for the site as well. Her hobbies include watching too much TV, spending time with her sisters, and eating cheese with every meal. She currently works at RainTree coffee on campus and is enjoying trying a new drink each shift.



Lou Griffel is a second-year student with a major in Digital Communication Arts from Eugene, Oregon. During the school year Lou is a Resident Assistant in the residence halls and spends his summers at a Jewish residential summer camp, creating and instructing art programs in anything from drawing and watercolor painting to tile mosaics. With inspiration and infatuation of food from watching countless hours of Anthony Bourdain and Chopped, to working several years in his high school’s nonprofit catering program, Lou hopes to develop and discover new and exciting ways to share the stories behind food and surrounding culture using mixed media.
14991837_10211443809717638_2798157017952989976_nChris Hands is a roller blade owner, drag queen lover, chicken strip connoisseur, and dinosaur fanatic. He’s an Oregon native and is finishing up his Bachelor degree in Speech Communication at Oregon State. Using his unique voice, he aims to not only make the reader laugh, but to also open the dialogue on social issues. Chris believes strongly that you should never judge someone based on their appearance, who they love, or what they worship, but instead on what they consider “too much” tequila.
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Sarah Johnson is a junior English major with minors in communications and writing. Although she is an Oregon transplant, she owes her love of local restaurants and homegrown ingredients to her home state of California. Her passion for food writing blossomed from years of experimental cooking with her father as a child. Her grandmother taught her that love could be given in even the hardest times through baking. She now enjoys baking creating her own recipes for her favorite bakes and dishes. She hopes to make writing and social media management of food companies her full time job post-grad.



Alex Jorge is an undergraduate majoring in English and minoring in Spanish at Oregon State University. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he moved to the Pacific Northwest a little over a decade ago, and has been living there ever since. He hopes his degree will take him around the word as he aims to teach English abroad after graduating. Deeply fascinated by language and culture, he sees food as a means to bridge the gap between individuals. “You can learn a lot about people from reading books, but you won’t really understand them until you eat their food.”


klauslaura_6057195_66751047_IMG_20150915_115620460_HDR (2)-2

Laura Klaus is a senior and Liberal Studies major. She grew up in San Diego surfing with her math teacher dad on weekend mornings, and cooking with her professional musician mom. Her family lived in Ashland, Oregon for five years when she was a kinder, which created her soft spot for Shakespeare, patchouli incense, and the woods.  As a teen and young adult, she worked in humanitarian aid, which included building houses in Mexico and the Philippines, and reconstruction after hurricane Katrina. She speaks Spanish, and studies German and Italian. Laura is a long-time artist, and you can catch up with her at On the weekend, you will probably find her drinking a London Fog and playing the bass with her husband, who plays lead electric, while their two little kids coax a rhythm out of plastic drums.

lagrandelauren_6066555_66747637_LaurenLaGrande 2Lauren LaGrande is a senior studying Agricultural Science with minors in Communication, Writing, and Leadership. A native Californian, she grew up in a farming family and community where her appreciation and ties to the land run deep. She enjoys snowboarding, traveling, anything covered in cheese, and pretending to know things about wine tasting. Although she will miss beaver nation, she is excited to move to Lubbock, Texas this summer where she will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Agricultural Communications.
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Rebecca Leclere is a junior at OSU with a major in ecological engineering and a minor in writing. Amidst the barrage of math and science, she vents by expressing her creative side through painting and the written word. She has sold and shown her art in galleries and dreams of days at the beach along the Oregon coast, or relaxing at home with her cats watching Seinfeld and eating spaghetti. Rebecca grew up in Roseville, CA and her passion for food is simple but eternal.
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Ariel Nelson is a lover of the outdoors and a cross-country hiking enthusiast. When she’s not in school pursuing a degree in Agricultural Sciences, she’s spending her time summiting mountains and realizing her love for the world. Ariel recently became a vegan and is passionate about making a change to minimize animal agriculture. She hopes to one day volunteer for the Peace Corps and believes humor is something everyone could use a little bit more of in their lives.


Madeline Bradshaw is a junior at OSU studying speech communication with minor in writing. She grew up in Oregon, and Corvallis is only just a short distance from her home in West Linn. Maddie never liked coffee until she came to college, and has been an avid coffee drinker ever since. Her hobbies include spending time with friends, attending cheering on the beavers at sporting events, writing for Beaver’s Digest magazine on campus, and drinking lots of espresso. Maddie believes the key to success is a fierce attitude and a three-shot iced Americano.


prochpatricia_6217062_66748800_international3 (2)

Patti Proch is a junior at Oregon State University studying English and Chemistry. Her aspirations include becoming a surgeon and finishing her novel, preferably while traveling the world. She’s currently a writer for Spoon University, as well as a private French and English tutor. A transfer student from Southern California, she constantly craves poke bowls and boba, as well as steady sunshine. When she’s not reading Brandon Sanderson or watching South Korean dramas on Netflix, she’s either shanking golf balls at Trysting Tree or practicing French in preparation for her semester abroad.


saagervictoria_6198994_66752031_Senior Pic 1

Victoria Saager is an undergraduate student at Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College as a Sociology major, with a minor in writing. She’s passionate about her Christian faith, and when not in school she spends her time with friends, doing community service, or pursuing art. Her love of food came from her family, as she grew up cooking and still enjoys trying new things. She believes that food can shine a light on society in a way other cultural elements cannot, and in this way “food writing” melds her academic focuses. After graduating, she plans to go into counseling, and hopes to one day publish novels and travel.


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Brianna Tubbs is a senior at Oregon State University in the College of Liberal Arts. She is an English major, and loves to write in a wide variety of genres. When not studying or writing, she can often be found drawing or curled up with a good book beneath many layers of blankets. After graduation, she hopes to stay in Oregon to remain close to family and friends. Her passions include being warm, feminism, animal rights, and cheese. She also has a beautiful cat named Catelyn and an adorable dog named Bear. They are both very spoiled.


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Cierra Walker is junior majoring in Botany with a minor in writing. Despite originally being from Pennsylvania, she feels as though she has always been Oregonian. She adores the smell of fir trees and the hundreds of shades of green that decorate the mountains. Her hobbies include writing short fiction, watching Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen and Chopped, reading Eating Well magazine, and posting photos of her cats on Instagram. After graduating, Cierra plans to work for a scientific magazine in order to spread the power and magic of science.



Riley Youngman is a senior double majoring in Business Information Systems and Business Management with a minor in Writing. Originally from Colorado, he moved to Oregon for school and has enjoyed his experience in Corvallis (despite the rain) immensely. Currently, Riley is the Editor-in-Chief of the Barometer newspaper at OSU, and has been exploring his newfound passion for journalism and storytelling through a variety of media. When not in class or at work, you can find him on the soccer field or on a hiking trail; a hot plate of food undoubtedly somewhere nearby.



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IMG_0488Kristin Griffin teaches food and fiction writing at Oregon State University. Her food writing has appeared in Portland Monthly, Paste Magazine, and in Serious Eats, among other publications. Before turning to writing and teaching full-time, Kristin worked in editorial at America’s Test Kitchen and Da Capo Lifelong Press, where she edited cookbooks. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Purdue University and a BA in English from Connecticut College.