Bryan Acevedo-Adames is a Sophomore at Oregon State University majoring in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Writing. The best part of a meal in his opinion are the desserts because “sharing a sweet dessert always brings people together.”His love for sweet desserts isonly rivaled by his love for sleep, which if you walk around the campus, you might be able to spot him taking a cat nap under a tree. He likes to write a lot because he hopes that through storytelling, that people will come together and go on a journey with him.

Dylan Arritola is a sophomore Agricultural Science major, with a Horticulture minor. He grew up on a family row crop farm and plant nursery just outside of the small town of Mount Angel Oregon. He plans on graduating in 2020 and returning back to help run the family business. When he isn’t working long hours on the farm or nursery, he can be most likely found floating on his kayak fishing for largemouth bass in many of the local ponds near his hometown. If he’s not in his kayak, you can find him scouting the woods for new hunting grounds.

Madison Bauer is a senior at Oregon State University. She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and loves her home state with a fiery passion. As a picky eater, her culinary conquests are restricted to a pallet of familiar tastes and ingredients, however, she has grown as a food experiencer through writing for Buckteeth Magazine. When she’s not busy making sure her foods don’t touch or picking off flecks of pepper from her dinner, she can usually be found watching Netflix in her dorm room or wandering aimlessly through local bookstores.

Nicholas Braun is in his 5th year at Oregon State University and is majoring in Digital Communication Arts and minoring in Writing. He is from the Portland metro area and spent some time living in the Phoenix area as well. He has done some work in video production, script writing, and magazine writing, and is ready to delve deeper into that world. You can find some of his work on KBVR TV’s youtube channel where he has worked as everything from the director to the camera man. He is attempting find professional employment in multimedia and video production after graduation.

Evan Byers is a sophomore studying agricultural sciences at Oregon State University. He is an Oregon native raised on and around farms in a small town called Sheridan just an hour West of Corvallis. He hopes to one day own his own hazelnut orchard and contribute to the world of agriculture by becoming an Ag teacher and inspiring the younger generations to become farmers. Evan enjoys spending free time listening to music and working on his project truck. His hobbies include building and flying remote control airplanes and hopes to add flying real airplanes to his hobby list in the near future.

Dominic Crotti is a senior at Oregon State University majoring in English. He was born and raised in San Francisco California, but decided in embraces the cold and rain by moving up to Corvallis Oregon for college. He loves soccer, reading, riding bikes, and drinking the best craft beer that Oregon produces. His love for food comes from growing up in an Italian family where food was not only used as a source from nutrition, but as a way to bring the family together. Dominic hopes to share his Italian cuisine with parts of the country that haven’t experiences it yet.

Sebastian Dibbleeis a junior at Oregon State University, majoring in Agricultural Science. He was born in Demark, Aarhus and lived there for seven years until his family moved to SE Portland, Oregon where he has resided ever since. He likes to spend time with friends and family, going on walks with his mom and working on various project with his dad. On his free time Sebastian loves to go on long board rides with his friends and loves to watch the sunset.

Garrett Dolan is a junior majoring in Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University. He is from the southern coast of Oregon and enjoys fishing or anything that involves nature. If there is a body of water you will most likely find him hovering around the edges or on a boat with a fishing pole, mostly due to the fact that he can’t swim. He hopes to go out and live in the Northern United States, such as Montana or Wyoming so he can bask in some of the most remote places in the continental USA.

Jake Fessler is a junior Agriculture Science major with a Horticulture minor. He grew up in Woodburn, Oregon where he lived and worked on his family’s nursery. He loves spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, and hiking with family and friends. While he loves all of Oregon, his favorite part is Central Oregon in Sisters where he has spent countless summers. When not busy with school, Jake can be found playing fetch at a pond with his dog Hunter. After graduation, Jake plans on moving back to Woodburn to work on his family nursery with his best friend and cousin Max

Elizabeth Ficek a senior majoring in speech communications and minoring in writing. She has never been that interested in food because it had never been a prominent aspect of her world as a child. Her mother was quite overweight and did not keep a lot of food in the house. She never eats fast food–unless she’s desperate. Going out to a nice restaurant is a treat that she savors.

Angel Hammon is from a small, rural town in the mountains of northern California. A town so small that most of the fun she had revolved around cooking and eating. From a young age, she began to experiment in the kitchen and has never stopped. Angel loves trying new twists on old favorites like peanut butter, jelly, and brie sandwiches, and enjoys going out to eat on the weekends in attempt to eat at every restaurant in Corvallis.  She studies Agricultural Sciences, because without it, the world would be naked and hungry. She has minors in Comparative International Agriculture and Spanish with high hopes of joining the Peace Corps after earning her undergraduate degree.

Emma Johnstone grew up in New Zealand and is a Senior at OSU. Come June she will be graduating with a BS in Liberal Studies focusing on Food in Culture and Social Justice. Like most, food has been a focal point of her life. She spends much of her time in the kitchen endeavoring new recipes as well as creating her own. She loves spicy foods, and tries to use fresh, local ingredients in her dishes where possible. Emma enjoys canning and last summer she tried her hand at gardening, growing cucumbers which were later canned into delicious dill pickles.

Matt Keller a senior Communication major with a minor in Writing hailing from Oregon’s capitol city of Salem. Boasting an impressive run of longer than two decades eating food (including experimental years in college featuring spicy food), Matt has shaped his palette to a more modest living. With the food preferences of a six-year old: chicken wings, hot dogs, and ice cream remain a staple in his well-balanced diet. In his free time, he enjoys watching House Hunters International and closely following the NBA. Living his life as inspired by the Beastie Boys Album Licensed to Ill he can be found post-grad Rhymin & Stealin.  

Tia Rae Lattanziois a spunky sophomore at Oregon State University, where she is pursuing a degree in Geography with a minor in Writing. When she’s not at the pool playing water polo, swimming, or teaching swim lessons, Tia is writing up a new poem or planning her next travel itinerary. She fell into food writing on a whim, and fell in love with it unexpectedly. She hopes to refine her skills and be able to share her experiences, stories, and love of food for writing as she travels and gains more foodie knowledge.

Mitchell LeBrun is a senior at Oregon State University concluding his studies of Digital Communication Arts.  A lifelong resident of Oregon growing up in the suburbs outside of Portland Mitchell has spent extended time traveling in the state.   In his off-time Mitchell enjoys dabbling in the arts of cooking and brewing beer, with pizza being his favorite item to pair with his hand-crafted IPA style beers.    As well as being a novice brewer and cook Mitchell’s other passions include NBA basketball being a life long devoted fan to the Portland Trail Blazers.  Basketball, food and beer to share with friends and family brings out the best moments of life.

Abbey Martin grew up along the sunshiny beaches of Dana Point, CA, but has lived in Corvallis, OR for the past 11 years. Her life pretty much centers around food, so much so that when she was little she was regularly able to convince her dad to let her watch an extra hour of Food Network because it was “educational.” Besides cooking and eating, Abbey loves travelling, dancing, reading a good book, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, getting outside, and making people laugh. Next year you can catch her still on OSU campus pursuing her MPH in Health Promotion and Health Behavior.

Anne Snell is an undergraduate student at Oregon State University pursuing a degree in Anthropology with a minor in Spanish. The part of her degree she is most excited about, however, is the Food and Culture in Social Justice certificate, which weaves together people’s stories of food, community, and culture through a lens of social and racial justice. When she’s not hitting the books, Anne loves to dance, and is president of the West Coast Swing Club on campus. A wanna-be photographer and frequent hiker, Anne calls Oregon home, but doesn’t let that stop her from traveling the globe and exploring all the world has to offer.

Kelsey Walker is a Senior at Oregon State pursuing a Major in Agricultural Science and a Minor in Sustainability. She is an Oregon native and loves the outdoors. With her love for nature, she hopes to keep the environment healthy and clean. She grew up on the water and is an avid water skier with her family. She also has a passion for refereeing soccer so, you can find her out at the soccer fields mentoring kids on how to command a match. Everywhere she goes she is always exploring new foods and experiences.

Sarah Weaver is a senior studying Digital Communication Arts at Oregon State University, where she hopes to get into food writing and social media marketing after graduating. A reformed picky eater, Sarah loves seeing how many foods she can garnish with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos which she was just convinced to try last week. In her free time, Sarah DJs for KBVR FM and volunteers at KBVR TV. When she’s not seeking out hot cheese, Sarah can be found studying, drinking iced coffee, and browsing for new recipes on Tastemade.


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Kristin Griffin teaches food and fiction writing at Oregon State University. Her food writing has appeared in Portland Monthly, Paste Magazine, and in Serious Eats, among other publications. Before turning to writing and teaching full-time, Kristin worked in editorial at America’s Test Kitchen and Da Capo Lifelong Press, where she edited cookbooks. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Purdue University and a BA in English from Connecticut College.