Issue 3: Fermentation

It’s the cucumber in your pickle jar and the beer in your glass. It’s the funk in your kimchi and the rise in your dough. Fermentation is a chemical process, yes, but it’s also a… Continue reading

Uncorking Wine Aging: A Barrel Story, by Sarah Johnson

  Growing up in a family business is the most uncomfortable beneficial experience you can have. My grandfather, Lloyd Walker, planted one of the first vineyards in the county back in 1972, and… Continue reading

6,877 miles from home, by Riley Youngman

NOTE FROM THE WRITER: Taking on the idea of fermentation as the more metaphoric meaning of “a state of agitation or turbulent change or development,” I have chosen to focus on the experiences… Continue reading

Coffee: How This Fermented Beverage Brings People Together, by Victoria Saager

fermentation n – a process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances n – a state of agitation or turbulent change or development There’s a lot… Continue reading

The Sacrament of Salmon, by Lilly Anderson

Fermentation is the production of alcohol, but more broadly it is the breakdown of substances, an energy releasing process that results in a new growth of organisms. In the Pacific Northwest, we experience… Continue reading

A Guidebook to the Fermented Foods of the Apocalypse, by Rebecca Leclere

  I was getting ready for finals when the apocalypse happened. It was a virus that did it. Within weeks, 90% of the people in North America were sick and headed for worse.… Continue reading

What to Know About Yogurt, by Laura Klaus

Yogurt and Fermentation Wouldn’t it be great if the foods we brought home from the store never went bad? That boxed lettuce wouldn’t get damp, cucumbers would stay juicy, cereal crunchy, and milk… Continue reading

A Guide to Making Chocolate in the Back Room of The UPS Store, by Patti Proch

Chocolate is a sensual, powerful food that evokes feelings of romance, serenity, and depth of spirit. It’s meant to be enjoyed slowly, with coffee or wine, or even unaccompanied. I planned on making… Continue reading

Kombucha: From Bottle to Homebrew, by Lou Griffel

Kombucha is quite the funky drink. The increasingly popular beverage has a strong and unique flavor-a swirl of sweet and sour, infused flavors (commonly fruit), and its various degrees of bubbly carbonation resembling… Continue reading

The Way We Rise, by Cierra Walker

Bread making is a science. Balancing the ratios between ingredients, counting on certain chemical reactions, and achieving a desired flavor are all components to making a great bread. But the key to any… Continue reading

Corvallis Sip Trip 2017: Liqueur, Beer, Mead & Cider Tastings in the Valley, by Miranda Crowell

Step 1: The Idea Sometimes in the middle of the week, who am I kidding, sometimes only a few hours into Monday I look at my to-do list or my work schedule and… Continue reading

Crawl, Stumble and Piggy-Back to Success: Bar Crawling on a Budget, by Chris Hands

Perhaps it’s your 21st, or perhaps it’s a Tuesday. Whatever the reason may be, we have all faced the dreaded pub crawl at least once. For me, a seasoned alcohol connoisseur and senior… Continue reading

A Nutritional Yeast Journey, by Ariel Nelson

After recently becoming a vegan, I’ve been opened to a whole new world of foods and have been experimenting with how to incorporate these new foods into my diet. I began hearing more… Continue reading

Mead: What’s All the Buzz About? by Lauren LaGrande

Are you looking for for a new signature sip to enjoy, especially now that baseball season is upon us? I have realized my last quarter here at OSU is approaching, and I have… Continue reading

Fun Fermentation Facts: A Timeline, by Madeline Frisk

  Why should I care about fermented foods you may be asking? Well who knows when you’ll find yourself in an apocalyptic situation of our own creation (insert link to Rebecca’s article here)?… Continue reading

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