This issue covers the food group everyone loves and fad diets love to hate: carbs. They’re comforting, they’re delicious, they’re more than meets the eye. From simple to complex, hot dogs to health… Continue reading

Consider the Hot Dog, by Luci Wones

It’s an all-American classic, a ballpark staple; two warm, soft buns with a thick, juicy tube of grilled meat nestled between them underneath a layer of tangy ketchup, zesty mustard, and even a… Continue reading

Five Complex Carbohydrate Candidates to Consider in Your Diet, by Ryan Wells

Mention carbohydrates to anyone trying to eat healthy and most will give you the evil eye. To them, carbohydrates mean empty calories, ones that go straight to their bellies or butts, and should… Continue reading

Surviving Survival Food, by Ben Watts

Forward Operating Base Danger.  Tikrit, Iraq. April, 2004.  There had been numerous attacks on MSR Tampa, the Main Supply Route through Iraq.  Delivery contractors decided that the risk was too great, and ceased shipping… Continue reading

My Ketogenic Journey Through a Carbohydrate Wasteland, by Cole Theobald

I don’t know about you, but I can’t go ten minutes without some asshole on social media  telling me their tip to drop twenty pounds like it’s nothing; like could you shut up?… Continue reading

A Guide to the “Dumplings” of Corvallis, by Jenna Beyer

Corvallis truly is a special place. It’s located in Benton County, just one county over from Linn County – the “Grass Seed Capital of the World,” as proclaimed by an old fashioned sign… Continue reading

Snackin’, by Kyle Awai

What does it mean to be chill? Being chill can be a personality trait, but it is also a state of being. The state of being that one finds themselves in after a… Continue reading

Battle of the French Fries: A Potato Lover’s Adventure in Local Fast Food, by Molly Duddlesten

I know it’s bad, but whenever I think carbs, I think of fast food. And whenever I think fast food, I think of road trips. Now, I’m sure you all know the feeling… Continue reading

Pink Boots in the Brewhouse, by Mary Williams

Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives Oregon State University holds the first beer-based archives in all of the United States. Now at the young age of six, the Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives (OHBA)… Continue reading

Five Frozen Foods That’ll Make your Eight-Year-Old-Self Squeal! by Tyler MacMaster

Finishing up my second term here at Oregon State University, I have struggled to understand how to grocery shop effectively and healthily. I remember my first grocery store visit, looking around and thinking… Continue reading

A Taste of Japan: A Mochi Lover’s Guide to Corvallis, by Natalie Schwartzbauer

Sweet dough, powdery topping, and a tasty ice cream center. Sound familiar? Mochi ice cream has become a popular dessert in the U.S. over the past decade. In case you haven’t heard about… Continue reading

Anybody Can Cook, by Mayra Reyes Cortez

I found The “I Don’t Know How to Cook” Book: 300 Recipes That You Can’t Mess Up! by Mary-Lane Kamberg as I was browsing for cookbooks online. Out of all the cookbooks that… Continue reading

The Comeback of Carbo-Kid: A Literary Diary, by Paige Sawicki

Like all stable women, my self-esteem is tied to men. Specifically, the Jonas Brothers. When my best frenemy took a Sharpie to the section of belly that popped out between my shirt and… Continue reading

Nutcakes Donuts, by Gabriela Santa Cruz

Nutcakes Corvallis, Oregon is a college town that is well known across the state. However, it casts a shadow on the bright little town that lies just a few minutes west, Philomath. Although… Continue reading

Carne Asada Fries: Recreating a Hometown Monstrosity of a Meal, by Michael Bauman

Growing up in rural Madras Oregon, a town comprised almost entirely on agriculture and a strong sense of community, there has always been a trend in the food scene. For those individuals wanting… Continue reading