Issue 7: Sampler

A good sampler is the best of the best, a big spread with something for everyone. Our latest issue is just that—not so much a cohesive theme per se, but a mixed plate… Continue reading

A Pouch of Perfect Pork: How to Eat Your Way at a Korean BBQ, by Grace Jooun Uhm

It’s Friday night, and you and your friends walk into the Korean BBQ joint you’ve been meaning to check out for months. The taunting scent of sizzling pork hits you in the face… Continue reading

Goodfoot Farm: Leaving a Good Environmental Footprint, by McKenzie Heryford

The climate crisis is becoming more and more evident in Oregon with each passing year, with record high temperatures in 2021, abundant yearly wildfires, and a string of droughts that have placed water… Continue reading

A Feast Is What You Make It, by Ashley McMahon

From being thankful for pilgrims and pumpkin pie in kindergarten to a taco turkey day, it took forty years for this author to find the truest meaning of Thanksgiving. I don’t remember having… Continue reading

Gluten and Dairy: A Breakup Story, by Morgan Smith

I’m staring at the brunch menu. It’s late-May of 2021 and that morning I’d been given firm instructions from my doctor to eliminate both gluten and dairy from my diet. “Completely?” I asked,… Continue reading

$50 A Day in Astoria: A Local’s Guide to Dining on the Cheap, by Shaun Barrick

Located 150 miles northwest of Corvallis on the northern tip of Oregon lies the historic town of Astoria. Once a mecca of fur trading and fish processing, the Astoria of today has a… Continue reading

The meaning of Steak on a Plate, by Joe Slade

“Always make sure you’ve got enough propane for the job. Only rookies run out of gas mid-grill.” My dad laughs and shakes his head in dismissal of rookies. “Just keep a spare tank.… Continue reading

The AYCE Locator, by Anna Lui

Many local and chain buffets have closed for good, but there are still many places that serve unlimited options for dine-in customers. This list is for anyone with an unfillable appetite, a tight… Continue reading

Finding the Best Cocoa Spot In Corvallis, by Abigail Jeanseau

December has arrived, and outside my window I can hear the chattering of raindrops hitting my rooftop. When the world is cold and icy, I like to find a nice warm coffee shop to… Continue reading

Issue 6: Culture

Culture can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask, but, to us, we wanted to focus on the intersection of food and the (other) things that make life worth… Continue reading

How to spend 24 Hours in Corvallis, by Cassandra Waterman

Positioned in the heart of the Willamette Valley, this small spirited city is a Locavore’s delight.   Corvallis, the proud home of Oregon State University, is a progressive city set along the Willamette River… Continue reading

What the Hell is Lengua? by Noah Nelson

Ranking taco meats at Tacos El Machin and what they mean to my Mexican American experience The Tacos El Machin food car is a chromed out taco box on wheels that resembles something… Continue reading

Click Plate, by Olivia Harband

An examination for hungry humans or restaurant owners on what makes certain foods and eateries post-worthy When searching for something to eat you may consider specific criteria such as the food’s accessibility, price,… Continue reading

A Jalapeño’s journey through various cuisines, by Morgan Grindy

Your eyes slightly misty, nose sniffling through the waves of arm-hair-raising chills and flashing heat that swirls around your mouth post-bite. If this feeling resonates with you, even to the slightest degree, you’re… Continue reading

All You Can Eat, by Alan Jozwiak

I was scanning the YouTube homepage a while back, which I’m known to do often, and found an interesting trend of videos. “Eating the Entire Chipotle Menu!” and a lot of other challenges… Continue reading

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