Issue 6: Culture

Culture can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask, but, to us, we wanted to focus on the intersection of food and the (other) things that make life worth… Continue reading

How to spend 24 Hours in Corvallis, by Cassandra Waterman

Positioned in the heart of the Willamette Valley, this small spirited city is a Locavore’s delight.   Corvallis, the proud home of Oregon State University, is a progressive city set along the Willamette River… Continue reading

What the Hell is Lengua? by Noah Nelson

Ranking taco meats at Tacos El Machin and what they mean to my Mexican American experience The Tacos El Machin food car is a chromed out taco box on wheels that resembles something… Continue reading

Click Plate, by Olivia Harband

An examination for hungry humans or restaurant owners on what makes certain foods and eateries post-worthy When searching for something to eat you may consider specific criteria such as the food’s accessibility, price,… Continue reading

A Jalapeño’s journey through various cuisines, by Morgan Grindy

Your eyes slightly misty, nose sniffling through the waves of arm-hair-raising chills and flashing heat that swirls around your mouth post-bite. If this feeling resonates with you, even to the slightest degree, you’re… Continue reading

All You Can Eat, by Alan Jozwiak

I was scanning the YouTube homepage a while back, which I’m known to do often, and found an interesting trend of videos. “Eating the Entire Chipotle Menu!” and a lot of other challenges… Continue reading

FOOD FIGHT! Power Ranking the Top 5 Food Fight Scenes in Film History, by Bryce Clinton

In its own messy and wasteful way, food fight scenes have become somewhat of a phenomenon in modern film. In real life, food fights may never graze the scale and absurdity of their… Continue reading

How Iced Coffee Culture Snatched my Wig, by Johnny Brunac

Iced coffee has become a memeable, iconic staple for gay men. I think the conversation on why really picked up in January of 2019 when this picture of a man dressed like he’s Leonardo DiCaprio in “The… Continue reading

Surprised by Soy: Searching for the best vegan burgers in Corvallis, by Joe Wolf

Maybe you swiped right on an English major with “friend to animals” in their bio. Maybe someone in your chapter is still chugging along on a New Year’s Resolution no one thought would… Continue reading

How I found French Cuisine in a Hopeless Place, by Sarah Rogers

Because of my mother’s interior decorating preferences growing up, I always felt like I had a special connection to the country of France, which I have still yet to actually visit.  “It’s called French Country”… Continue reading

The Making of Cow-lebrities, by Bailie Schultz

I love dairy cows. Not just cute cow photos, funny videos, or something like that. Twelve hundred pounds of flesh and big, brown eyes with their long, pink tongue cows. I have devoted… Continue reading

Hungover in Corvallis, by Niamh Sanders

As the number one college town in the Pac-12, Corvallis is known fondly for its party life habits and the many restaurants that caress us dearly the following morning or late afternoon when… Continue reading

A Beer from Treebeerd’s, by Brianna O’Malley

From the outside, the taphouse appears small and intimate with wood benches and tables lining the side of the building, the first clue of what to expect when you enter: a natural and… Continue reading

A Look at the Coziest Coffee Shop in Corvallis, by Rosie Morehead

“Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Company” One of the most popular coffee shops in Corvallis, Tried and True, has become a staple in town for their delicious coffee, pastries, and friendly… Continue reading

The Food of Ghibli: How fantasy beats reality in this food world, by Lily Linder

I remember the first Ghibli film I ever saw quite clearly. I was about seven years old and sitting in the living room of our tiny apartment. It was my older sister’s turn… Continue reading

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