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Issue 4: Turn Up the Heat

Our latest issue is all about turning up the heat. Whether that means embracing spicy food, learning to wield a blowtorch or cooking over a flame, we’re coming at our theme from every… Continue reading

Fire, Brimstone, and Possibly Radiation: Tackling the Chernobyl Challenge, by Anne Snell

Five minutes was all it took to defeat me. Okay, not even five minutes. Four minutes, fifty two seconds. I felt strungout. My legs bounced, I couldn’t sit still in my seat. Tears… Continue reading

Business, Bars and Beers: Sports Bar Owned by Women is the Hot Place to be, by Anne Snell

When you picture the owner of a sports bar in a small, quaint agricultural town in Oregon, Julia Parks and Miranda Garrison are not the people who come to mind. Miranda is shorter… Continue reading

Edible Volcanoes, by Elizabeth Ficek

  Then First impressions can also be lasting ones. To an 8-year-old kid who is pickier eater, a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar does not sound like an appealing choice of restaurant to… Continue reading

Vamos a Resolver, by Abbey Martin

“Don’t forget to eat a bunch of Cubanos for me,” I heard my friend say as I hugged her goodbye. It was the day before I left for a short-term study abroad trip… Continue reading

Becoming a Spice Girl, by Sarah Weaver

My tolerance for spice starts and ends with Lay’s jalapeño potato chips. When considering this, it’s strange to think about how I ended up here. Here being at a table for five at… Continue reading

Brunch at Bellhop, by Emma Johnstone

  Corvallis, like most small towns, has a sliding scale of brunch choices, whether it be a chain diner, bakery or upscale brunch nook. Over the four years of living in Corvallis, I… Continue reading

Turn Up the Heat ;), by Madison Bauer

It’s the middle of summer evening in Portland, and I’m sitting on my high-rise apartment balcony several stories above the city. The river in the distance is surrounded by twinkling street lights and… Continue reading

What brings the Family Together? by Dominic Crotti

  Simplistically is what makes Italian food so delicious. Rather then making an elegant meal with hundreds of precise steps, Italian dishes focus more on basic ingredients and taste. The Italian long hots… Continue reading

The Hot Sauce Cabinet, by Evan Byers

When we dine in the company of others and you are not the one to have cooked the meal, I find that you have very little control over modifying the food to your… Continue reading

Cooking with Que-T-Pie, by Dylan Arritola

I have decided to undertake the task of cooking steaks on a cheap grill, this consisted of me going to 4 different stores, Safeway, Fred Meyer, WinCo, and Roth’s. My goal was to… Continue reading

Set Fire to Fad Diets, by Angel Hammon

With spring underway, summer is just around the corner. For some people that means time is running out to get the summer bod they have been talking about since January 1st. During this… Continue reading

Sipping Spicy Spirits: An Amateur Review, by Matt Keller

Practically every type of spirit has had a history of infusing certain ingredients to give it a spicy flavor. From tequila infused with jalapenos, to sake containing wasabi, most liquors offer a specific… Continue reading

How to do Romance like an Adult: The College Kid Edition, by Tia Lattanzio

I didn’t grow up on shiny cutlery and foie gras. Instead, I gulped down burnt steaks, wilted salad and off brand soda.. It wasn’t until I was able to strike out on own… Continue reading

Torch It, by Mitchell LeBrun

Torch It We eat with our eyes and YouTube is filling our plate.  It’s obvious to say that YouTube has changed the way many of us view food in the last decade, through… Continue reading