Issue 3: Fermentation

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It’s the cucumber in your pickle jar and the beer in your glass. It’s the funk in your kimchi and the rise in your dough. Fermentation is a chemical process, yes, but it’s also a mood—agitation, turbulence, uprising. It’s a state of change.

When it came time to decide on a theme for this year’s issue, there were a few strong contenders but nothing captured our imagination quite like fermentation. It offers up so much deliciousness while resonating with where we all find ourselves now, in this unprecedented historical moment.

Here’s what to expect from the issue:

Sarah Johnson explores barrel-aging wines and its impact on the end result.

Riley Youngman talks with Iranian students at OSU about how food helps them to cope with an uncertain future.

Victoria Saager eavesdrops in a local coffee shop.

Rebecca LeClere imagines a fermented-focused menu in post-apocalyptic Corvallis.

Lilly Anderson investigates how salmon are an integral link to burgeoning life in the PNW.

Laura Klaus guides you through making yogurt at home.

Patti Proch makes chocolate in the back of a UPS store.

Lou Griffel home brews kombucha for the first time.

Cierra Walker compares rising methods in homemade pumpkin bread.

Miranda Crowell pretends to be a tourist in her own backyard and discovers new favorite sips in tasting rooms across our college town.

Ariel Nelson puts nutritional yeast on everything so you don’t have to.

Chris Hands takes a late-night bar crawl on a budget.

Lauren LaGrande discovers a new favorite drink and takes a closer look at Nectar Creek, our local and beloved meadery.

Brianna Tubbs hacks boxed mac and cheese with fermented mix-ins from soy sauce to pickle juice.

Madeline Frisk highlights fermentation trivia across time.

Maddie Bradshaw profiles a local coffee maker who elaborates on the little-known link between coffee beans and fermentation.

Alex Jorge writes to his pen pal, Jungle Juice.

Thanks for reading and for your support of Buckteeth!

-The Editors